Cachyos installer closes automatically while installing

So, I’m new to installing Linux, so take it easy on me. I know the basics of flashing ISO in Rufus, so I thought I might give it a try installing CachyOS. Everything worked fine; I booted my USB successfully, and even the installer was working fine. However, during the installation part, it just randomly closed on its own without any installation finished prompt. So, I was stuck at the desktop interface with no confirmation windows. Initially, I thought it might take some time to show up, but after around 10 minutes, nothing showed up. So, I decided to force restart to see if it properly installed, but it didn’t. It seems it just booted to my normal Windows.

ill just attach my pc specs

Rufus has seen it’s day, use Ventoy instead.

didnt help . the installer still closes on it own .

Should I opt for the CLI installer or try an older version of Cachyos? However, I don’t know how to configure it in the CLI installer. Could someone help me out with that?

Please provide logs

You only provided what CPU you have. Make a proper list and post it. No screenshots, please.

Nvm i tried an older version and it worked . The installer didn’t close on its own . Seems like the newer version doesn’t run properly on my pc .