CachyOS having trouble installing to PORTABLE External SSD

Hello! i need some help, let me cover what’s going on
The SSD Brand is a Walmart brand called “ONN”. It is a portable external SSD connected via USB-C to USB 3.0. It has 500 gigabytes and a read-write limit of 2000 MB/s per second. Installing the OS using BTRFS file system to my portable SSD gives me the error “failed to create partition on disk” as seen in the image below, and installing the OS using EXT4 file system makes the installer hang on 2% (and trust me when i say this, i’ve waited a whole day and it hasn’t changed), which i don’t need an image as you can imagine how it looks. I have not tried any other file formats as most people usually recommend BTRFS or EXT4.
here are my system specs.
Processor: Intel(R) Core™ i5-10400F CPU 2.90GHz
16 Gigabytes of Ram
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1660 Super
Bios: ASUS UEFI ver.0820
System Type: x64
Internal Drive: T-Force SSD 500GB
External Drive: ONN Portable External SSD 500GB
Flash Drive: Sandisk 64 GB using Ventoy Normal Mode for the latest version of CachyOS

Do you have the full log?

I suspect thats the kpmcore issue. There is a testing ISO, which should fix that:

Here’s the full log

Is this the testing ISO?

Yes it’s the testing ISO

According @soulharsh007 , creating a clean parition table before installing should help.