Bcachefs install failure

Bcachefs Installations worked until yesterday, May 16. Today, it fails. Many failed attempt logs were forwarded.

I did a sha1sum of today’s download versus that from the 12th. Same.

What are the chances that something changed upstream *(AUR), a different host suppled library or whatever may be differrent. . That change prevents Cauchy bcachefs install of KDE, By the way, it worked on the 12th and on the 13th.

Idk. It installed fine for me tonight. Used the 0512 kde iso.

Could you please share the log?
There was nothing changed actually. Some people reporting that it maybe needed to be first partioned with ext4 before forwarding with the normal installation.

I will get in contact with Kenth soon about this issue.

In all attempts, I set the ssd to gpt and empty, with zero items pre-allocated.
Its a 900gig SSD.

Before clicking go, the layout presented onto the screen was correct. 800+gigs bcachefs plus other partitions.
When the crash occurred, the 800+ partition showed formatting as xfs.

If I go for xfs, there is zero issue. But I am immediately, setting the boot loader to refind. and the format to bcachefs,
The system tells me what it is going to do, including the 800+ bcachefs partition,
but the system crashes and that 800+ partition is formatted xfs.

i sent in enough dumps (about 1 dozen tries with different usb settings.

Well, I have finally was able to install bcachefs on a recycled SSD. I think the problem is not in the hardware, but possibly in the installer program.
On a second empty ssd install, cacheyos would die just after the allocation of space. I wanted bcachefs, but what was presented was xfs. I tried with many options, and did not succeed.
Finally, I decided to format the SSD and just fill it up with files. Lots of files and moderate sizes. I did this until there no longer was free-space on the SSD.
Now, ran fstrim -A and I cleared the SSD using gparted (make Partition table), followed up by a successful reinstallation.

I think that we need some more testers for bacachefs. We need to see how good space management is done. Can we reuse an SSD (1tb size), with 456byte sectors.
Or was/is my SSD defective. (It is basically available for testing updates before I make a system “live”

Thanks for letting me know.

After the new kpmcore version got released, we are “allowed” now to send offical bugreports for that. I will do this as soon it lands in the CachyOS repository.

Hi, sorry to hear that you had an issue. I was wondering if you had encrypted your Bcachefs partition(s) and if so, did you have any problems with that.

My Bcachefs partition will not decrypt and on top of that, I was wondering why the GUI installer indicated that LUKs encryption would be used instead of the built-in Bcachefs encryption.

Time permitting, I’ll do another install tomorrow and I’ll post a separate report if I continue to encounter problems.

I have in QEMU tested Bcachefs encryption and it worked fine, but actually this doesnt really reflect real hardware.

I will try in contact soon with Kenth, the creator of bcachefs after kpmcore now got offically released with bcachefs.

I will the next days build a fresh ISO with 6.9 Kernel and latest bcachefs-tools. Lets see if it helps.

I appreciate your concern very much. But, let’s not panic until I have another go at it and we’ll see what the outcome of that is.

I’ve installed Arch the old fashioned way more than a few times, so it’s hard to believe that Calamares bamboozled me, but stranger things have happened, eh? lol

Just a quick update:
Yes, I did manage to install CachyOS on Bcachefs with LUKS encryption. That said, it took a few attempts. I also encountered some strangeness with contradictory error messages … for instance:

Sometimes I received an error message that Cachy required a /boot/efi partition and when I went back and addressed that, it would give a contradictory error saying that Cachy only required a /boot partition, instead.

On the first install it failed to decrypt the Bcachefs partition. I don’t know why, but I’ll take responsibility for that one.

On one install it complained that it wasn’t able to install the boot loader.

On other attempts, my selections in Calamares would repeatedly randomly change prior to installation.

Sometimes it offered a check box to encrypt Bcachefs and sometimes it did not offer the encryption check box.

Once installed and rebooted, my main concern is that rofi has a mind of its own. BTW - I installed the Hyprland compositor. Rofi will not accept any input from the keyboard. If I first start Alacrity, for example, rofi simply needs me to click on it to give it the focus and then it will accept keyboard input. If I start rofi on a blank workspace, again it won’t accept keyboard input, but clicking on rofi causes it to crash. Sometimes it also causes Hyprland to crash at the same time.

I don’t know what’s going on. I noticed similar complaints about rofi from back in 2015, but I didn’t experience behavior like this when I did a Hyprland install on Arch, about a year and a half ago … yes, with rofi.

I checked the md5/sha checksum (can’t remember which) and the ISO is good. Perhaps my USB stick has gone flaky??? IDK. But, I don’t have a lot of time to tinker with it right now.