Audio crackling issue

Hello! Recently I have moved to CachyOS and I am currently running into an audio crackling. When I switch a tab with video in Firefox or open other application, there is a slight crackling. Or when I open a video in Telegram, it keeps crackling and I am unable to listen comfortably. I tried to switch default.clock.rate in ~/.config/pipewire/pipewire.conf to 192000, but it only helped with Telegram

Which kernel version you are using?


Does swithcing to the “linux-cachyos-eevdf” kernel helps?

No, it doesn’t make any difference

It does help when I switch from Analog Stereo Output to any other option in GNOME audio configuration, but the problem is that I have only 2.0 audio system

One thing to look into:

Is your audio volume output set to 100% ?

Have you tried setting it to 97% or lower ?

(Some systems over saturate/boost the volume output, so it is generally recommended to always set it to 97% anyway to always get the best audio quality).

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I tried to set it significantly lower than 100% and the problem still remains

Have you tried with the official achlinux kernel to see if there is any difference? (this would indicate if the kernel is the problem or not).

(sudo pacman -S linux)

Also try the linux-lts kernel.

It helps with linux-lts kernel

Ok, so it should work with the linux-cachyos-lts kernel as well.

You can use that one for the time being until @ptr1337 comes back with a better recommendation.

As the problem also appears with the official archlinux kernel, it looks like a problem in the official 6.9 kernel. Perhaps you could get some help from the kernel development mailing list. (you can run to get the name of your audio device for your reports).

Thank you!

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Could you also check, if its fine on the RC Kernel?

sudo pacman -S linux-cachyos-rc linux-cachyos-rc-headers
if you have nvidia or zfs, then also linux-cachyos-rc-nvidia / linux-cachyos-rc-zfs

Crackling remains also on this kernel

Would you mind to remove these files?

I did not push this yet into stable, but this could maybe help also.

It didn’t help