Appreciation post from a grad student

I’m a current graduate student and working professional (started this program much later than I expected). I just wanted to make a run-of-the-mill appreciation post on Cachy. This distro has been amazing, particularly for use in my coursework. Some of the use cases / stress tests I’ve put it through:

  • Parallelizing BVH creation via OpenMP
  • Rendering some dragons with OpenGL
  • Deforming 3D models via several deformation algorithms in Python (heavy reliance on vectorization here)

I’m not sure if I would have been able to execute on these courses as smoothly in typical distros, and certainly not in Windows. In all cases setup has been trivial and performance has been superb.

And then of course gaming. The games I’ve played in cachy such as Total War WH3, Tomb Raider and Neverwinter Nights have run fabulously.

There have been some bumps over the years (one of which required a reinstall) but in most cases the issues ended up being unrelated to cachy. So, with all that said, thanks a lot to the team for all the hard work on this particularly effective and unique distro.



Thanks for your really nice work and we are glad to hear that CachyOS is also used for some professional workloads.
CachyOS generally seems to be a great enviroment to do these things and we will try to improve the integration of this further.

Yes, there were some up and downs - but we were also in a learning process and nowadays we get most stuff really got managed.
We’ve improved our deploying and cachybuilder a lot in the past year and this should help.