ACCENT COLOR stopped working for plasmashell after upgrade to 6.1

Hi all,
I upgraded my KDE Plasma to 6.1 a few days ago and found that accent color stopped working for my panel. As you can find in the screenshot below, dolphin is following accent color, but the application launcher is in default breeze blue. In fact not only application luancher, I can confirm systemtray and calendar are both in breeze blue. Accent color worked for my panel in Plasma 6.0. I use arch with cachy repository.
PLEASE HELP, I want my purple panel back.

Try: System Settings → Color and Themes – > Plasma Style → choose Breeze with “Follows color scheme” underneath

Go to system-settings → Colors & themes → Colors, than look for a bar in the middle, straight to the right of the global theme tab. It should say say accent color from scheme. Click on that and select custom accent color. Than pick one of the available circles of colors to its right. Or you can pick the one at the right end of it to make your own accent color using a color pallet.

Thanks, it works, the only downside is this plasma style give me a light version of application launcher and other widgets in contrast to the dark version I prefer. In Plasma 6.0, the twilight look-and-feel also follow color accent.