A format program for /etc/fstab is available

A few years back (2016), at that time, I became interested in a data dictionary type of program . Provide both key and data to create entries, and then fetch,update,delete any keyed item.
Once that was working, I put that to good use. (FYI GPL3 licensed)
Around 2018, I splurged and I got my desktop with 6 SSDs and 2 hard disks. I have put these to good use. And that created a need for some management.
I wanted to beautify the /etc/fstab and also to validate any fstab changes I would make before copying back the updated fstab file to /etc. Slowly and surely, using the data dictionary, and researching what are legal values for desktops, I created a “fstabxref” program that validates, cross references and validates a system’s /etc/fstab.

Is there an interest in something like that for you/we linux guys?
I would attach a sample /etc/fstab or even provide a link for the source code repository (git repository) if you have a curiosity. It is all C language code,
and has been tested against Arch, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, and more, Cachyos. Testing has been done over many versions of linux over many years.

I can follow up with a download link to the source git repositories.


Yes, thanks! I’m sure it would be helpful to some people.

The program verifies that there is no mis-spelling or mis-typed UUID or other value. It knows about ext4, and xfs and zfs and btrfs and their legal parameters. It does not require root mode access lt can be compiled with gcc or clang.

What is not yet incorporated are the keywords pertaining to bcachefs.

I provide source code and the 2 Makefile(s)

It is bug free for many months of testing based on a great many distros.

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